Brand Videos

Digital content is king.

Club Collective produces brand videos, product commercials, social content, and music videos.

Club Collective will help tell your brands story through compelling and unique visuals. The content we produce will deliver key messaging points which bring optimal results to help you achieve your goals.


Social Media & Influencer Campaigns

With over 10 years experience in social media and marketing, our team will concept, produce, and deliver a standout social media and influencer campaign that is right for your brand.

Photo Production

Whether your brand needs lifestyle or editorial photos, our team is able to deliver professional images to showcase your brand in the best way.

We serve a wide range of clients worldwide in multiple industries.







Social Media Consulting & Management

Our team's strength lies in marketing and social media, having worked with over 50 brands. We can consult and manage your digital platforms.

Music Production

Club Collective produces top of the line music production with our sound engineering team and music producers.

We also have an award winning team of song writers and choreographers.








Creative Direction

Our team has a keen eye for unique content. Let us help brand your products or company to be a truly outstanding brand.

Let us help you tell your story

We take care of everything from the scripting, casting, choreography, and location setup; we make sure that your video will catch the attention of your audience. We stand out by telling our clients stories in a memorable way that will inspire and leave a lasting impression.


Experience in multiple, diverse industries

We are recognized for expertise in producing stand-out, creative campaigns worldwide in multiple industries for clients in the music, travel, fashion, beauty, and lifestyle sectors.

Our team stands out due to our diverse and strong background in multiple sectors.

Social media and marketing  - which allows us to understand clients needs, but also their target demographic and what kind of content is most effective with them. We can help identify your brands weakness and solve the problems through our strategies.

Sociology - the science of social relationships, interaction, and culture.

Branding  - CC specializes in capturing the energy and essence of your brand. Need a brand video to tell your story? Or social media content to promote your products in a lifestyle vibe? We've done it all from fashion, travel, luxury hotels, lifestyle brands, liquor brands, and music artists.

Let us showcase the unique qualities of your brand through effective visuals, ultimately leading to a larger following, more sales, and more loyal customers.

We are the plug.